Management for hire, or did you say interim manager?

interim management

Interim Management brings high ROI, objectivity and focus on business outcomes.

As I sit here at home in my makeshift office, a guest bedroom, and ponder the last three weeks of shock and change to our global and national situations.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a guest bedroom, safe home and a healthy family. I have the luxury of a decent internet connection, electronic equipment and digital applications allowing me to work and meet whoever, wherever.

Interim Managers are the “corporate emergency service”

We are obliged to stay at home to minimise physical contact protecting the weak and reducing pressure on our health and emergency services. I do so with pleasure in this “new working norm”. My colleagues and I are agile and adaptable, working for businesses and our highly skilled Interim Managers on the corporate front line. These Interim Managers are the “corporate emergency service” making tough decisions and achieving the best possible outcomes in this unprecedented time.

One might ask “what is an Interim Manager?”. Well in my opinion he or she is a highly skilled, hands-on, agile and adaptable leader. Yes, one could say Management for Hire, as their assignments are flexible. More so they are cost-effective solutions for businesses requiring a rapid mobilization of relevant experience to maximise an outcome, with an efficient exit to minimise financial impact.

Interim Management brings high ROI, objectivity and focus on business outcomes. Interim Managers take ownership, support critical functions and decisionmakers, adding value way beyond their contract. I noted down a quote about an Interim Manager from a Chairman of a medium sized business: “Our Interim Manager brings a wealth of knowledge and invariably the potential to help manage our business sustainably in the face of the current global uncertainties”. This was well before COVID-19 hit global proportions and stands to say that it is more relevant with every passing day.

I have received numerous offers of podcasts, webinars and courses on crisis management and alike that could take up the majority of my day. I have selected with care, as the task at hand to continue supporting businesses and our highly skilled Interim Managers is primary. How many leaders really have the time anyway?

When a crisis takes place, change and leadership are paramount. Agility is the key to delivering strategy and running operations under uncertain conditions. Interim Managers can play a critical role in making this happen, providing significant value to your wider business.

I see the potential, and in my opinion, these motivated, often overqualified managers are a strong resource now and will be during the next 18 months. Crisis management, turnarounds, filling a gap, strategic change, reinvestment, implementation, transferring knowledge are only the tip of expertise available now. We can help. Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 if you and/or your business are put in a difficult position.

Leanne Drøyer
Interim Norge AS

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